• New Year’s Revolution

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    Juggling tedious schedules seems to now be the game as the world transitioned successfully into another new year. The new school semester kicked off this week and new plans have been set in place – some more demanding than others, such a graduation on my list. But something far less difficult to achieve: eating more jelly beans this year. Because let’s face it, we all know the revolutionary AT&T commercial by now. My cousin exclaims, “Now that’s something I can do!”

    • By: Jill Guthrie •

    In a way, a resolution for the new year is our own personal revolution against the previous year. The things we wish had been handled differently, the things we didn’t have time for or pay enough attention to. The new year is essentially a fresh canvas to splatter with paint until the colors all muddle into brown and we pitch it out next January. In the midst of all this, there are those who carelessly smear the mess over onto the new page, while others meet the opportunity with enthusiasm and sentimentality.

    A friend of mine said a few days before 2013 came to a close: “I broke no records, passed no milestones, and made no great achievements; but I laughed, and read, and travelled, and spent time with the people I love most.”

    A triumphant jaunt around the daunting task, as some see it, of upholding new resolutions and a celebration of the 365 days that have just been lived. Every revolution requires a cause and instead of the principle standards of “losing weight” or “travelling more”, what have you – why not we all strive to live the next 365 days of equal or greater pleasure than the ones that have just passed? Perhaps some resolutions fit into that puzzle; however, it has been my experience that they are met with a more cynical outlook of another attempt to make it through another year than an eager appeal to better oneself.

    Being content with yourself in your surroundings and happy with making no great bounds for mankind, but laughing and doing the things which bring you joy is quite possibly the best advice that can be given. Whether it be graduating university or eating more jelly beans – it’s definitely something I can do.

    Personally I don’t make resolutions for several reasons, but most importantly any time can be cause for change. Why bind it to a specific date? Which leads me constantly back to the quote that faces my yearly planner:

    “’How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” – Anne Frank


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    1. Ashley
      January 27, 2014 at 5:43 pm

      This article really made me think and brought me a renewed calmness. Most of us try and fail at our original resolutions, as I haven’t yet started my yearly ‘working out’ goal and still have no start date…This reminded me that even having the thoughts to want to take better care of my body is a good start and that I can do it anytime, anywhere, anyway I want and not feel like I’ve let myself down by having missed the New Year’s date to change. Instead, I think I’ll start my revolution by eating some jelly beans and finding something that makes me laugh- thank you for changing my view from a “resolution failure” to a “life seeker”.

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